With our Simple Booking Calendar, choose the date you would like and lock it in. All the paperwork can be completed online, so there is no need to meet beforehand.



  1. When selecting the day of your wedding ceremony on the booking calendar please allow enough time before wedding date to lodge the NOIM form with us, the law requires it to be lodged one calendar month before, that means that Simple Marriage Ceremonies Tasmania must have received all scanned documents by email, payment in full and that you have received a confirmation email back from us before the month can commence.
  2. All documents must be in English or translated into English.
  3. The couple and witnesses must understand English.

I must have all of the following before your booking can be confirmed:

  1. The NOIM must be filled out with your signatures witnessed by prescribed authority.
  2. Scanned identity documents and proof that you are free to marry (divorce/death certificate).
  3. Non-refundable payment in full paid into our bank account.